COVID 19: Prevention and Protection Procedures


Dear Guest,

This has been an unexpected and unprecedent year that has left none and nothing unaffected. Our daily life has changed as well as the way we perceive the world around us, the way we take decisions and of course the way we make plans or set priorities. However, what hasn’t changed is, our passion for Life.

Our Hotels was no exception to that. We had to adapt to the new circumstances. But under the guidance of the experts, the assistance of the medical stuff and the immeasurable support of the entire local society we remained safe. And now is the time to react and return to our daily routine, back to ´business as usual´. Thus, we plan this next day with services that as always aim to the absolute satisfaction of the needs of our guest.

Of course, this time for our Hotel, the most important point of this new planning process is the health and the safety of all our guests, staff and business partners; whilst, this idea refers to every single department and procedure in the hotel, in order for you to enjoy once more worry-free the exceptional Greek summer.

There we go then!!! We move forward as always with more optimism and illusion than ever as to try to offer to you yet again an unforgettable holiday experience to which we are delighted to invite you to accompany us.

We are looking forward to welcoming and attending you under our special Cretan care.

Best regards,

Nicolas Kokkalis

Hotel Manager


Considering as this summer’s foremost priority the personal and social health and safety, in Harpin Hotels we take every precautionary means in order to protect as much as guests, as our staff and the local society from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Hotel as early as February 2020, even before a single case was reported in Crete and before the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, too; had reacted timely as we had taken all appropriate measures in that respect. To that purpose we had developed an Action Plan, the core philosophy of which refers to the Information/Updating, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Action.

Under this prism, below, are listed the basic guidelines of our up-to-date planification in respect of the COVID-19 protection scheme. Namely:

  1. Information and Communication
  • We are constantly and in real time informed on the pandemic current affairs only via official sources such as the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the Greek National Public Health Organisation and the Greek Ministry of Health.
  • Follow up on the local news and we speak and consult the experts at all times.
  • Inform the guests even before their arrival and of course upon it regarding the health and safety procedures to be followed during their stay.
  • Through a comprehensive communication strategy plan we provide our guests all the useful information regarding their day-to-day life during their stay.
  • The headlines of this marketing strategy (Georgioupolis Resort&Suites / Communication Mix: COVID-19) includes:
  • Good practices guidance on personal and social hygiene standards.
  • The norms and rules to be followed at the public areas of the hotel.
  • COVID-19 relevant services available to the guests.
  • For that reason, we make use of all available communication means, namely:
  • Audiovisual Media (Hotel TV channel, tv screen in the communal areal, telephone a personal information, etc.).
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram).
  • Internet και Online Platforms (Webpage, HolidayCheck, Trip Advisor).
  • Print Media (specialised per department flyers, public banners).
  • Personal Information (Reception, Public Relations).


  1. Planning
  • We adhere to the guidance of the Greek National Civil Protection Office and the National Public Health Organisation.
  • We enforce the application of the Health and Safety Protocols as foreseen from the official ISO Quality Standards Organisation.
  • We have developed a detailed Action Plan «COVID 19: Prevention and Protection Procedures» which covers all the hotel’s operational procedures. Indicatively mentioned:
  • We operate in an adequate occupancy rate in order to provide our guests with more space, personalised care and time.
  • We follow strictly and we impose all the necessary personal protective measures as well as the measures of social hygiene as needed.
  • We provide our guests with all the corresponding Personal Protection Means.
  • We train and certify our staff via presential and online e-learning practices.
  • The is a 24/7 in house doctor and medical service available as well as an increased surveillance and care room in case of emergency.


  1. Implementation
  • We implement and apply the Health and Safety Protocol for Tourism Accommodation emitted by the Greek Ministry of Tourism (ΚΥΑ 1881/29,05,2020 – ΦΕΚ 2084/Β/30,05,2020 – mod. 6632/16.04.2021).
  • We implement and apply strict quality control systems in accordance with the ISO Quality Standards.
  • We dispose the official certification for good business practices against COVID-19 «Health First» emitted by the Greek Mistry of Health.
  • We dispose further certification good business practices of protection and prevention against COVID-19 by an external certification provider (QS Hellas).


  1. Monitoring the Procedures and the Operations
  • We are constantly monitoring the health readings and hygiene standards in all public areas of the hotel.
  • We closely follow up all the procedures and operations of the hotel revising them if required based on the health standards as well as the best possible safety practices.
  • We make sure that all Health and Safety Protocols and operational standards are met at all times as stipulated.
  • All cases of incidences concerning the procedures of the critical points of the Protocol or any other physical places are documented.


  1. Action
  • A detailed plan is developed which not only concerns all hotel operations but the operations with our providers, business partners and other visitors, too.
  • Certified staff training by external certification providers in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and good practices at work and away from it.
  • Frequent staff briefing regarding the hotel’s action plan against COVID-19 and its correct application.
  • Strict compliance of the hotel’s staff to the Personal Protection Measures.
  • Floor and wall signaling in order to keep the adequate social distancing in frequented public areas and in crucial points.
  • Constant vigilance and awareness for the detection of possible suspicious covid-19 cases.
  • A detailed Action Plan in case of a covid-19 emergency is in place and ready to set to work if necessary.
  • All covid-19 precautionary measures are taken in order to guarantee the safest possible stay for our guests.
  • Activation and immediate intervention based on our Action Plan will take place if necessary.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is not a forgotten concept in Georgioupolis Resort&Suites. We assume the share it corresponds to us as described below:
  • We offer a flexible rebooking, change-of-dates policy.
  • We maintain all and unmodified each and every one working positions.
  • We recruit our staff from the local society.
  • We contribute to fund raising through online comment strategy.
  • Development and implementation of business processes and techniques in order to improve the covid-19 management procedures.


In Harpin Hotels our foremost priority is our guest and, in this sense, responding to this situation we offer our understanding and thus maximum flexibility with a wide range of different options for this year’s holidays.

Therefore, for cancelations due to Covid-19, the hotel offers a voucher for future reservation for the same amount. The voucher is valid for one year after the initial arrival date, it is single use and non-refundable. Please note that this offer applies only to the reservations done through direct bookings in our website.

For detailed information on our cancelation/rebooking policy or for any other relevant queries and 2022 special offers do not hesitate to contact our Reservation’s Department by email at [email protected] / [email protected] or by telephone on +30 28250 61126.


In Harpin Hotels has been developed and followed a detailed Action Plan «COVID 19: Prevention and Protection Procedures» which entails all procedures and operation that take place in our hotel unit. This refers as much to each department separately as to the procedures that concern two distinct departments of the hotel or even to procedures that deal with the guests, our business partners, etc. Below are described the key points of this scheme:


  • Division of functions and assignation of duties between the members of the higher management concerning the system of implementation, monitoring and control of the hotel´s Action Plan «COVID 19: Prevention and Protection Procedures».
  • Certified by external private bodies training and frequent briefing of all staff members in relation to COVID-19.
  • Information and training of all staff members on the hotel’s Action Plan.
  • Daily staff fever detection measurements before starting their shift.
  • Obligatory biweekly AG Testing for all non-vaccinated staff.
  • Meticulous compliance with the Personal Preventions and Protection Measures for all our staff, business partners, providers, etc., that enters the hotel area.
  • Disposal of their corresponding certification to safe and good practices from all our business partners, providers, intermediates, etc.
  • Procedures of avoiding crowding in the public guests’ areas as well as in the facilities and hotel services (ie. arrivals, bars, restaurants, swimming pools) and the enhancement of touchless and online operations.
  • Specified Action Plan for a potential suspicious case.
  • Anticongestion procedures in all the public areas in order to avoid crowding.
  • A comprehensive communication strategy in order to inform our guests on the hotel’s policies, the covid-19 measures adopted as well as the services available to them during the stay.
  • Unlimited availability of disinfection and protective gear means to our guests.


  • Non accommodated guests or, visitors are not permitted to use the hotel’s facilities and services.
  • Recording and filing of all non-accommodated visitors including business partners, workers, commercial representatives, etc.).
  • Meticulous and frequent sanitisation of the Recaption Desk with the corresponding cleaning means.
  • Installation of specialised prevention means against air born contagion and adequate signaling at the Front Office area.
  • Thorough disinfection of the room keys and cards as well as of any other objects of common use every time they change hands.
  • Limited stationary material (pencils, scissors, papers, etc.) and object exchange (batteries, remote controls, maps, flyers, etc.) with the guests and with other colleagues.
  • Unlimited supply of disinfection and sanitizing means to our guests and visitors.
  • A specific COVID-19 first aid kit with specialised equipment is always available.
  • Particular attention is paid to the adequate ventilation of the lobby area.
  • Touchless and online services (web check in, touchless payments, online menus, catalogs, audiovisual information, etc.) are to our guest’s disposal as well as online inhouse live communication.
  • More time available between the arrival and departure procedures (check in = 15.00 / check out = 11.00).
  • The reception and welcoming of the new arrivals are taking place into an open air space and in private.
  • Check out is being done touchless and in private.
  • The travel equipment of the departing guests is kept in our luggage room where only the concierge can access.
  • Floor signaling is in place in order to provide guidance for the indicated social safety distancing.
  • A TV Info Channel is available to our guests in the Room and print information is to be found around the Reception Desk and Lobby area; whilst the information provided includes
  • Action Plan key points.
  • General instructions for a safe stay.
  • Information on different services available related to covid-19.
  • Continuous awareness for an early detection of any suspicious cases.


  • Strick control and monitoring to all daily department’s internal operations.
  • Comply with and enhance the daily hygiene and recovery processes.
  • Exclusive rooms numeration for each room maid.
  • Amplification of the department’s budget (staff and equipment) in order to cope with the increased needs.
  • Thorough cleaning of the new arrival rooms with hygiene sanitisers and specialized cutting edge equipment.
  • ‘Hygiene Guaranteed’ sign (Health First) on the door for each new arrival.
  • Special attention is given to the adequate ventilation of the rooms after the departure and before proceeding to the cleaning actions.
  • Minimisation of the social contact between the staff and the guests:
  • Room cleaning upon guest’s request.
  • Bedlinen change upon guest’s request.
  • Entering into an occupied room only prior to Reception permission.
  • Distinction of daily duties (different clean up and make up room maids).
  • Use of protective health and safety means for all non-fixed objects:
  • Covering the remote controls (a/c, tv, etc.) with a plastic wrap.
  • Clean towels are provided in a plastic wrap.
  • Non-centralised independent A/C units in all hotel rooms.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all a/c unit parts after every check out.
  • Removal of all non-essential non-fixed objects from the room such as, newspapers, promotional material, stationary, decorative elements, etc.
  • Frequent, enhanced and meticulous cleaning of all public areas with special attention to the critical points (handrails, door handles, buttons, sinks, lifts, etc.).
  • Frequent, enhanced and meticulous cleaning of all public WC areas with special attention to the critical points (handrails, door handles, buttons, sinks, lifts, etc.).
  • Daily cleaning of all department’s recipients and equipment at the end of the swift.


  • Meticulous compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.
  • Strict compliance with the Health and Safety norms regarding food processing according to the ISO quality standards (ie. ISO4833-1-2013, ISO21528-2-2017, ISO6579-1-2017, κτλ.).
  • Constant monitoring and regular control measurement of the process’s critical points by an independent certified external partner according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standards.
  • Implementation of safety procedures for the reception of supplies from the hotel’s external providers as well as during the provision of supplies to the distinct hotel departments.
  • Budget increase for personal and equipment for a better and a safer attention to the guests.
  • Supply of new equipment (restauration, disinfection, self-protection, etc.).
  • More staff in order to maintain a quick and quality level of attention.
  • New tech applications for a quicker, safer and touchless transactions.
  • Unlimited availability of disinfection and self-protection means for our guests in all areas of the F&B department (bars, restaurants, shops, etc.).
  • Single use table set up (tables clothes, extras, etc.).
  • Compulsory application of hand sanitisers before enterring the restaurant as well as the buffet areas.
  • Development and application of a special anticongestion mobility system for the critical points of affluence during service such as, the buffet, show cooking, bars, shops, etc..
  • Modified layout in order to maintain the indicated distances.
  • Anticongestion management system based on different attendance time in the restaurant.
  • Queue management system at the entrance of the hotel and the bars and hosting the guests to the available tables.
  • Available multi room service alternatives.
  • Implementation of safe use procedures for the all the F&B outlets (restaurants, bars, shops, etc.).
  • Floor signaling and traffic control system at the buffet.
  • Orders taken at the table as well as take away alternatives.
  • Different staff for the table clean up and for the serving of the drinks.
  • Personalised portions at the buffet, show cooking, drinks, etc.
  • Served meal and drinks at the buffet and at the restaurants exclusively by the hotel’s trained staff.
  • Portioned accompaniments for the bars.
  • Use of the stipulated protective gear on behalf of our staff during service hours.


  • Adoption of a non-crowding mentality to all sports, activities and animation act taking place in the hotel during the day.
  • Adaptation of the morning animation program as to avoid crowding and provided the maximum possible social distancing as well as minimising the use of shared equipment.
  • Adaptation of the night shows to the requirements of social distancing. In other words, some shows or activities will be modified or postponed.
  • Personal physical exercise will take place outdoor daily and always keeping the appropriate distances.
  • The access into the fitness studio will only be available prior appointment and only for the members of the same booking.
  • Mini Club as an indoor entity will not be available to our young guests. Instead activities will be provided daily outdoors (around the pool, at the beach, at the garden) according to the health and safety regulations.


  • Meticulous implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System.
  • Constant monitoring, regular control and measurements of critical points’ indexes from an external certified partner according to the ISO/IEC 17025 norms.
  • Strict compliance with all health and safety norms and procedures regarding recreational and drinking water treatment (πχ. ELOT658:1983; ISO6059:1984; ISO9308-1:2014, κτλ.).
  • Provision for constant natural ventilation of all closed public areas of the hotel.
  • Provision for a thorough maintenance and disinfection of the centralised ventilation circuits and a/c units.
  • Monitoring, measuring and documenting in a four-time-a-day rate all quality constants (pH, chlore, etc.) of the swimming pools and water tanks.
  • Compliance with the health and safety and social distancing norms.
  • Maximum pool user number at a time (1pax./5 sq.m).
  • Use of sunbed covers.
  • Sunbed layout according to the 2 meters indicated safety distance.
  • Equipment disinfection after its use.
  • Restricted access to the wellness area. Sauna, hammam, tzakuzzi, etc. will not be available to the guests.
  • Minimum 1.5m distance between the sunbeds of non group/family visitors.
  • Maximum number of shoppers in the mini market (1pax/12sq.m. = 8pax).


We hope that through the aforementioned you ‘ve become a glimpse of our commitment to good business practices and of the responsibility with which we cope with a so serious and complicated situation in Georgioupolis Resort&Suites.

For each of the above key points there are the corresponding sections and subsections of action that offer a detailed guidance for each procedure and operation separately whilst as a total they compose our Action Plan «COVID 19: Prevention and Protection Procedures».

The purpose of all this is to enable us to manage meticulously and effectively every aspect of your visit in our Hotel in order to be able to offer you once more an unforgettable holiday experience.

We are looking forward to receiving you and it will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you and to attend you under the unique Cretan care and hospitality known as “Philoxenia”.

For any clarifications or, for any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Till then, stay safe!!!

Enjoy your holidays,

Georgioupolis Resort & Suites / Spa and Waterpark Team